I am fascinated by light in images, particularly in my photography.  Lately I’ve been really aware of and compelled by lanterns.  Most of these lanterns are in Thai restaurants.  I love the framing of color-sheathed light against the darkness of the restaurant.  I have also been very enchanted by sunlight and how it backlights flowers and plants.  I love the translucence and subtle shadings that are created.  Then I process the photos allowing my intuition and feelings take over.  I find that photography encourages me to actually see what I’m looking at (as much as is possible in that moment), and not to immediately fit what is before me into a pre-designated category.  That’s what dreams do as well, they take our experience out of automatically and unconsciously organized compartments and lay it out in an unusual and highlighted way that surprises and sometimes alarms us, but always stimulates us to think, feel, and imagine.

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