imagineThe philosophy of my life and my work, is that we are driven to grow and develop.  Some have a natural curiosity about who we are and where we are going, and many of us are happy not to question, but to enjoy the meandering path life takes us on.  Whether we seek to grow or not, we are often forced by traumatic and/or disappointing events in our lives to examine who we are and how we live.   In beginning to reflect on our experience and to articulate our selves, we become aware enough of our choices and actions to begin to become the authors of our fate.

I have a rich and varied background which enables me to engage with each person completely individually.  I am a clinical psychologist who has continued to develop and train professionally, thus having knowledge in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy and mindfulness methods.  In my work, I examine the interpenetration of hearts, minds and brains.




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