About Me

People come to a psychologist for a multiplicity of reasons.  Some people come for very specific reasons, i.e. about depression that is interfering with life, phobias, anxieties about school, work or relationships, physical illness or body symptoms.  Some people come with more general and diffuse feelings, such as a general dissatisfaction with life, feelings of emptiness, a lack of focus, feeling disconnected from others, loneliness, or questions about life’s meaning or direction.  Other people are curious and want to learn more about themselves and how to make their lives as rich as possible.  Life, in general, can be very complicated and confusing, with increased academic competition, decreased work satisfaction, spread out and split up families, and constantly shifting world economics, politics and values.  How do we center ourselves in this constantly moving society?  How do we retain our sense of confidence in ourselves and a commitment to our own values and beliefs?  How can we be true to ourselves, but within a context of strong and trusting connections to others? In psychotherapy, we can develop the ability to express ourselves and to find our unique voices.


reflections on reflection

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